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If you are having issues with the 4Secret client, first we recommend reinstalling the 4Secret client. However, try to avoid installing it in directories Program Files or Program Files (x86).

DirectX Libraries is crucial for playing 4Secret. Some computers do not have DirectX Libraries installed by default, so go and get it. You can use our download link: DOWNLOAD

4Secret may not work correctly, because you are not running it as an administrator. This is usually indentified as an Error 740. You can do it by right-clicking the TClient.exe, then clicking on Properties. In the Properties dialog box, click the Compatibility tab. Check the Run this program as an administrator checkbox. Repeat the process with the 4Story.exe file. Do not forget, that you always have to launch 4Secret via the 4Story.exe file.

If you are experiencing massive FPS drops, try to run 4Secret using your dedicated GPU. You can set by right-clicking on Desktop and then clicking on NVIDIA Control Panel. Then click the Manage 3D settings in the menu on the left. Click the Program Settings tab. Click on the Add button and locate the 4Secret’s TClient.exe. Under the Select the preferred graphics processor for this program: dropdown menu, click High-performance NVIDIA processor, then click Apply.

If your problem isn’t listed here, please send us a ticket with as many details as possible to fasten the whole process.