4Secret was created to bring players the best gaming experience. We achieve it by actively listening to player feedback and by implementing completely new fun features.

Have you ever dreamt of riding the pig Jumbo or the wolf Kar? Have you ever wanted to explore brand new maps, which only 4Secret has to offer? Your dreams can come true now on 4Secret.

Complete feature list:

  • Brand new custom companions, mounts and maps
  • Custom quest storylines
  • PvP gamemodes
    • Official-like Battlegrounds
    • Official-like Battle of Worlds
    • Capture the Flag
    • Island Exploration
  • Official-like Mentor system
  • Official-like Pet system
  • Official-like Mardook and Mollek
  • Protection against hacks, tcd edits and even map edits
  • Protection against afk macros
  • Revamped game engine and updated graphics
  • In-game Inspect button
  • Preview frame of items
  • Revamped character select
  • Class balancing changes
  • Official-like Dragon invasion in the Colossus!
  • Brand new item effects applicable on mounts and pets
  • Revamped Tebekut
  • Herb looting system
  • Old maps such as Narwashi, Arahur, etc.
  • First server with DirectX 11!
  • Real time changing New/Old Interface and Animations!
  • Oldschool start positions of character
Custom Mounts!

4Secret has decided to enlarge a variety of the mounts by adding your favorite mobs as rideable mounts. Thanks to this the Iberia looks fresh again. You can look at some examples below:

4Secret offers a more eye appealing game graphics enhancing your gaming experience

4Secret has sharpened all textures, added shaders and tweaked color scheme. All customizations are togglable at the bottom in the Game Options tab. Have a look at the examples below: