We are proud to inform you about this new patch!


  • reading and sending letters has been enabled in Iberia
  • lowest possible value for "/zoommax" is now 1.2
  • real time shadow has been added to the game
  • "Shadows" and "Shadows Entities" added to the settings ("Shadows Entities" could have affacted to your performance)
  • command "/help" has been added which will open the Help information frame


  • 5 new varients of Behemoth's has been added to the game
  • 1 Behemoth is craftable in tebekut
  • Herb Bag's can now be crafted
  • Travel Tools can now be used everywhere
  • Craft of Behemoth Scroll at Zelir has been edited


  • Island Exploration
    • A new PvP/PvE 3v3 battle mode has been added to the game
  • Battleground
    • 3vs3 is now ranked


  • Star Rain Event has been started


  • Pre-Quest for Dungeon 69 has been remade